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Omega Guild Rules

In here you will find all of the rules that everyone who is a part of Omega is expected to follow.

We are all here to have fun and promote a positive gaming experience for ALL of our members regardless of rank, age, race, nationality, religious beliefs, or anything else.

#1. Treat your guild members with respect and treat them fairly.

#2. No "hardcore" trolling or general duechebaggery in guild chat TS OR world chat. Remember, wherever you are and whatever you are doing you are representing OUR guild. Don't make everyone else look bad just for your laughs.

#3. Racism, Sexism, very vulgar language, and otherwise all derogatory comments are not allowed in guild chat TS or world chat.

#4. Do not troll your own guild-mates in any way that negatively affects them or others. Again we are here to have fun, and that's fine, but remember, these are your brothers try not to piss them off!

#5. If you have a personal problem with another member or officer don't bash them or talk trash about them, do your best to work it out between yourselves by talking with each other in private chat. If you are unable to resolve the problem on your own please talk to another officer or the guild leader to help mediate the situation and get everyone back to being happy and playing together like a team!

#6. We understand people love a drink or a puff while they play. However if this effects our raid especially on progression nights then you will be warned once and if it continues then you will be stood down from raid and will have 100 EP removed from your total.

Failure to follow these rules will have consequences!
Depending on the severity of the infraction the punishment could include a warning, a loss of DKP, or even removal from the guild.
Remember, all of you represent our guild and we don't want to look like a bunch of assholes, so play nice, have a fun time but don't get carried away!

These rules may be changed at any time. We will notify all guild members of changes so that they may read and understand the changes. Thank you for your understanding!

Please make sure you read the guild ranks (below) as well before you apply.

Good luck
<Omega> Management Team
#10365518 Dec 03, 2014 at 11:09 PM · Edited over 6 years ago
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Guild Leader
Runs / Manages along side the Guild Managers and Class Officers and makes sure that whatever is required to keep the guild running is attended to by the right people. They also have the final say in guild decisions.

Guild Managers
Administrators of different areas in the guild. They are here to help resolve conflicts and make sure the guild runs smoothly. These players are experienced raiders from retail wow and generally have most of the professions covered required for crafting raiding items. If Class Officers can't answer your questions then these guys can.

Class Officers
Someone who knows there class well, plays well in raids / dungeons, maintains a 66% attendance rate, and is always prepared to teach and assist other members with an abundance of class knowledge.
These are the guys you come to for information and help with your class and spec.
They also have great knowledge of boss fights, have clear communication skills + working mic's for Team Speak and are able to keep there cool. They have full authority over what goes on in raid except for EP / Loot. Everyone will be required to give these players there full attention during raids so that they can help guide us through content with minimal down time.

Officers Alt
Where each officer stores a single alt.

Players who have been around since forever and who contribute more than just body mass and sweet dps to the guild. These guys hold a great deal of respect with Raiders, Officers and even the Guild Leaders. While they are not Officers they are here to help you and have a lot of advice on quests / reputations and all sorts. A 66% attendance rate is required.

Core Raider
Someone who has proven their dedication to the guild and raiding. In addition to the Raider requirements a 66% attendance rate is needed to earn and keep the Core Raider rank. If within a 2 week period an individual fails to meet the attendance rate and has not posted ahead of time about their absence they will be demoted to Raider. After the demotion the player must wait 2 weeks to show they have regained 66% attendance to get promoted back to Core Raider. In return for the dedication towards the guild, Core Raiders get the top priority on loot alongside officers.

Members of the guild who have shown interest and are dedicated to raiding and downing bosses. They are expected to read up on there own class, boss fights and also bring the right consumables / reagents and be on time for raids. They are also long term members of the guild and are highly invested in its success. Members will be required to apply for this rank via the forums. You are also expected to have achieved a minimum of 1000 Effort Points before applying for raider, as well as proper class spec as agreed with class officer.

A rank in the guild where players have no requirements other than to follow the guild rules. This is designed for players who wish to be in Omega to hang out and have fun without raiding consistently. Trials who do not meet the requirements of Raider will be promoted to Social rank.

A place for members to place any characters that are not designated as their main.

The place of new beginings. After you have applied on the forums then you will have a chance to show us you want to be apart of this guild. So hang out and impress us with your knowledge / skills or even your ability to learn quickly and enjoy the game. Once you have shown that you can interact with other members of the guild without causing trouble both in guild and in game (with other guilds / players) then you will be promoted to social or raider based on your wishes / attendance to raids.

To prove to us that you have fully read the rules and ranks thread please post the following quote into the last questions answer box when making an application. "Yes, I have read them and I will follow them"

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