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Friggin / Oct 05, 2015

Well the title says it all really. A lot of our core raiding team have decided to take a break from raiding. Players have gone to play new expansions / games to break the monotony of raiding the same content day in and out.

We do plan to come back to raiding closer to the time the new Death Knight (Military Quarter) comes out. Those that are still wanting to raid will be joining other guilds on alts or even there mains.

If you have any questions and you are a member then feel free to write in the forums. The Website will remain up and active to those that want to use it. If you are / were a member of the guild you will keep that membership so you can keep in contact and also be ready to jump on back when / if we start up again.

Thank you all for the effort, time and laughs.
Omega Staff.
Friggin / Nov 25, 2014 / Guild Info
About us! - 21st August 2015

1: Whats been happening?

2: Who are we?

3: How do you fit in?


1: Whats been happening?

Aside from killing Maexxna we have also got our second official Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros in the guild. Congratulations Sonilok!

A million high fives to our dedicated raiders & members who continue to show up week after week.

2: Who are we?

We are an American West Coast based raiding guild, founded by a group of good friends who were looking to relive & progress through Vanilla content without sacrificing the social, comradery & fun that should be had when playing games.

Omega formed on Vanilla Gaming during the Summer Holidays in 2014. We were not really expecting to do 40 mans at the time, instead we were just looking at doing 5 / 10 and 20 mans. However that changed when we wandered into MC and dropped a few bosses with 20 players.

Our team consists of a few Guild Managers who work together with the Class Officers to bring an enjoyable experience for the rest of the guild. Our Officers & Core Raiding team all bring a wealth of knowledge from retail raiding in vanilla and who have a great interest in making the guild run smoothly. Most of these guys are online on one of their many alts, so feel free to ask any guild members if an officer is online and they can point you in the right direction!

3: How do you fit in?

Well we are always looking for excellent players who are mature and are wanting to do more than just raiding. No matter what your class / spec, we are more than happy for you to jump on in to the guild and enjoy the raiding experience. We believe that players working together who are willing to learn from each other are far more effective than guilds that brute force content for the sake of server status.

If you feel that this is who you are or who you want to hang around with then get a hold of an officer or apply on the forums here and we will get back to you!

We currently raid BWL, AQ40 and Naxxramas on our main raid nights.

Monday raids will be held at 6:00PM PST (3:00AM Tuesday Server Time)
Wednesday raids will be held at 6:00PM PST (3:00AM Thursday Server Time)
Sunday raids will be held at 3:00PM PST (Midnight Sunday Server Time)

We also regularly run Molten Core, Onyxia, AQ20 & ZG on off days in order to obtain books and other loot that players still need.

Look forward to hearing from you.
Omega Management Team